The Wild Wild West | MLB Standings

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October is just around the corner, and that means pumpkin pie, cold weather — and The Fall Classic.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (76-63) are still the team projected to be the best in the west and make it to their second straight World Series with a twenty percent chance to take it all. As of today, after an 11 – 4 victory over the New York Met, the Dodgers still trail the Colorado Rockies (76-62) by half a game for first in the West.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks (75-64) are only one and a half games behind first and could slingshot ahead of the West if the Dodgers or Rockies don’t keep their eyes on the rearview mirror.

That’s just the NL West. In the NL East, the Atlanta Braves (76-62), look to steal the division from the cold Philadelphia Phillies (73-65) who have lost 7 of their last 11 games. Atlanta is projected to stay afloat in first and make it to the MLB Postseason.

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In the NL Central the Chicago Cubs (81-57) hold the best record in the National League and are dominating their turf, making a strong case for World Series contender. They lead the red hot Milwaukee Brewers (79-61) for first place by what used to be a seven game lead, but was cut to a three game lead after the Brewers won back to back games over the Cubs.

Milwaukee looks to sweep the Cubs in the series Wednesday night.

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The St. Louis Cardinals (77-62) don’t fall to flat either, just four and a half games out, the Cardinals are in third for the NL Central and in the second spot for the NL Wild Card game, but could get into some trouble depending on where the Rockies and Dodgers land.

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The highest likely scenario, according to CBS Sports, is the L.A. Dodgers taking the NL West for the fifth straight year, the Cubs taking the NL Central, the Braves taking the NL East, and the Rockies and Brewers duking it out for the final spot in the NL Wild Card.

All in all, eight teams are in contention for the final four spots. It will be a tight race these next and final three weeks of the regular season.

In the American League, it’s not so much of a mess compared to the National League side.

The Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians are pretty much solidified to make the postseason, but the Yankees and Oakland A’s seem to be the teams headed to that dreaded one-game elimination AL Wild Card.

Experts have the Yankees holding their own against the A’s and could go very far in the postseason.

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