Black Panther: By the people, for the people

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So, as we all know, Black Panther made its debut in theaters this weekend. Without giving too much of a review, I want to go more in depth about what this film is really about…

Before I had the chance to go see the movie, I had heard nothing but great reviews. Reviews were so good, I almost went and checked it out a day before I had planned. All of sudden, I’m having an exchange with a family member of mine who goes on to tell me that “some white people”, found the film “boring”. These opinions, of course, were expressed on social media, more specifically Facebook. Also known as the platform for everyone and their mom (LITERALLY), to express their opinions about any and everything.

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I digress, though…. This comment took. me. aback. It took me so far aback, that I ranted about it on Instagram while headed to see Fifty Shades Freed. So here goes a little of said rant…
White people, I love y’all…. I really, really do, but this film wasn’t for you. I want you to visualize me saying this as the most professional, diverse, cultured, intelligent, educated, black female who represents lots of other black women, and black people more specifically.

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This film was timely, necessary, had an ALL black cast, black writers, WITH a black superhero. It presented, in a very subliminal tone, layers that should be exposed within the African and African-American community.

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I, of all people, am very aware, that people are entitled to their own opinions, but if anything you should be applauding us for the efforts we’re taking to celebrate ourselves. This opening weekend was about uplifting people in the industry that looked like us. It addressed issues that you commonly say are the root of all issues within our community. All that to say, your approval was not needed. I think I speak for the writers, the actors, the actresses and everyone who contributed to the making of this film when I say this was less about “super heroes” and “villians,” and more about a history you will NEVER understand.

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So, black people, shout out to you for showing up and showing out, for putting your outfits together ahead of time and for putting on for your ancestors. To the more than handful of white people who could appreciate this film, we see you. For all the other handful of white people who couldn’t comprehend the history and simply be proud for us this weekend, it was more than just a movie.  


Author: Simone D. Roy

I am an aspiring TV Host, practicing blogger, and "thinker-outlouder". I love God, I love people, and I take an immense amount of pride in being able to tell people's stories deeper than surface level. I am a product of the Frank and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism, where I obtained a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in political science. I wouldn't change that for the world. Recently, I've decided to take my talents to the entertainment industry, on a larger, more global platform in order to have more of an impact. I thank you in advance for following along with me on my journey! God Bless!

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