The Four Season 1 Finale: And the winner is…

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The Four has ended Season 1 this past week. The show is a talent competition for those looking to be in the entertainment industry, whether it be through singing or rapping.

Though it is a competition, just like the infamous American Idol or X-Factor, it differs in the sense that it’s a TRUE COMPETITION. Every performance given by the talent is that of an audition, and most of the time, there are no “safe zones.”

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Now that you have somewhat of a synopsis, here’s my several cents.

I, at one point, wasn’t even going to pay attention to the show… all. For one, because I’m tired of all the different versions of talent shows. American Idol was and kind of still is my “Holy Grail” so, I’m biased in a sense.

Secondly, though I trust Diddy as a businessman, I haven’t been the biggest fan of his dramatics. I remember him announcing on Instagram that something different was in the works to recognize real talent….. I did NOT know that it was yet another talent show. But, I digress….

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I watched it….and it was good. Really good actually, but I didn’t watch it consistently. I would catch up on episodes on my app when time yielded. So of course it came as a surprise to me when I’m yet again….scrolling through Instagram, and come across Ms. Evvie McKinney announcing she was the winner.
Y’ALL…. This 20-year-old native of Memphis’ voice has changed my entire perspective on the show. I went and took the time to go back and listen to her performances, and to say I’m a fan is an understatement! Baby girl was BORN for this. Below is the video of her season winning performance.

I am a big fan of getting to know people deeper than surface level, and I am so proud to say I believe they couldn’t have picked a better winner.  It’s amazing to me, as she’s said in her interviews, how she could come on a show filled with talent that already had a large following, only have 2 weeks of performances and her entire life be changed by this show alone. That just goes to show to me, you, and everyone else, what God has for you is surely enough for you.

Congratulations to this beautiful, God-fearing human being (y’all KNOW I love people who love The Lord) who is now signed to Bad Boy Entertainment, We The Best Music and Republic Records!

The Four has been renewed for a Season 2 on Fox!

Author: Simone D. Roy

I am an aspiring TV Host, practicing blogger, and "thinker-outlouder". I love God, I love people, and I take an immense amount of pride in being able to tell people's stories deeper than surface level. I am a product of the Frank and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism, where I obtained a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in political science. I wouldn't change that for the world. Recently, I've decided to take my talents to the entertainment industry, on a larger, more global platform in order to have more of an impact. I thank you in advance for following along with me on my journey! God Bless!

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