Chris Brown talks Rihanna, ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon,’ & 800 new songs


 Chris Brown is spreading the buzz for the release of his eighth studio album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

The R&B singer stopped by Hot 97’s “E-Bro in the Morning” to discuss his Welcome to My Life documentary, Royalty and his evolution as a man. Breezy explained how he approached the 45-song double album.


“With this album, I wanted to capture all bases of who my audience like and what songs they can actually identify with,” he said. “More R&B, all my girl fans love it, you gon’ have it. More pop, you gon’ have it. But it’s still gonna be my essence.”

Chris went on to explain how he uses his fan base to build his brand by involving them in the process, and announced a pop up show he’s putting together in New York City on Wednesday, October 25th.

Chris Brown’s grind in the studio is paying off, with Heartbreak on a Full Moon expected to drop on Halloween, he revealed that he has 800 never-before-heard songs saved to his phone.

“In my phone alone, right now, I have like 800 songs that nobody’s heard,” he added. “Not bragging. It’s just that my work ethic only allows me to stay creative.”

Check out the full interview, hit play below!

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